Thank you to our Historical Officer Bob Richardson for discovering the Royal Aeronautical Society's Audio and Visual Archive. These are mainly audio recordings of interviews with major players in aviation including many test pilots and engineers. Of particular interest are those of a very famous UK Aircraft Registration Board TP from 1949 to the 1980s, D.P. Davies who died in 2004. His spoken voice is superb, and his very forthright comments on civil aircraft handling qualities are quite riveting if you haven’t heard him before. He’s far more complimentary about the 707 and 747 family than about most British RPT aircraft, but his castigation of those responsible for the B727 stall certification in UK, US (and Australia) in the last 5 minutes of the second interview below is pretty powerful stuff.

Also of interest is Chuck Yeager, (now 96YO!). The last 20 minutes of Yeager’s interview talks about his NF104 rocket flights above 100,000ft, especially the great detail of his lost control and ejection are very good.