Guidelines for the Award of the Vic Walton Trophy

  •  To be presented annually to the FTSA Flight Tester of the Year.
  • To be presented to either:
    • an Australian citizen, or
    • an individual or team conducting a specifically Australian Flight Test Program (which may or may not be conducted in Australia).
  • A recipient must be either a member or be eligible to be a member.
  • The activity for which the award is to be made should be completed or majority completed within the year of award.
  • When awarded to a Test ‘Team’, only significant members of the team are to be included in the award and are to be specifically named. All named members are to receive a reproduction miniature trophy. The nominator is to identify the significant person(s) involved.
  • The nomination must be made in writing (this includes e-mail) to the Committee.
  • Selection is to be made by a majority of the Committee.
  • A member of the Committee may be eligible to receive the award but must not be involved in the selection process.
  • The Committee may elect to not award the trophy if they believe no suitable candidate exists for that year.

NOTE: If any compliance with the guidelines is in doubt, the Committee is to seek clarification from the nominating party.